Sidekicks’ Club Advantages

Your heroes at Huft have a deal for you… our famous Sidekicks Club… and membership definitely has its advantages! Be a member and you will…

Reduce Breakdowns

With tune-ups and safety inspections, you can act proactively to head-off breakdowns BEFORE they happen. The regular maintenance that our club offers will keep your system in tip-top shape.

Decrease Your Utility Bills

With regular maintenance, your system can remain at near factory-fresh condition for longer. It will run more efficiently, which will save you money on your monthly utility bills.

Extend The Life Of Your System

Just as regular oil changes will extend the life of your car, regular maintenance on your system will keep it running smoother for longer.

Get Priority Service, Discounted Diagnostic Fees AND An Extra 10% Off All Parts & Services

All Sidekick Club members will have the peace-of-mind that we’ll handle any issues your system may face within 24 hours as well as an EXTRA 10% off all parts and services.

Get Peace of Mind

Nothing is more priceless than peace of mind. You’ll never have to worry about your system breaking down. You’ll never have to worry about paying too much on your utility bills!


Sidekick Club Membership


Super Sidekick

Premiere Service
$139.00 per YEAR*
As a Super SIdekick Club Member, you are guaranteed priority service, two FREE precision tune-ups (one per season), a 10% discount on repairs, plus Standard Service Fee.


Trusted Sidekick

Deluxe Service
$99.00 per YEAR*
As a Trusted Sidekick Member, you will receive two FREE precision tune-ups (one per season).

So give your heroes at Huft a call at (916) 686-2626 and start saving money TODAY!