The Heroes At Huft

Just because a tech has years and years of experience, doesn’t make him a good tech. A great tech is someone who is equally skilled in both the mechanical and customer service sides of the business. Those are the Heroes of Huft!

Our new employees begin working in the shop, attending weekly in-house training until they’ve mastered the mechanics. They don’t meet the customer until we’re convinced they’re ready. Only then will they get hands-on field training alongside an experienced mentor technician. Always under the watchful eye of our resident training masters, they don’t go solo until we say they’re ready.

It’s one of the most comprehensive training programs around. It’s why our techs go beyond pros, they’re heroes.


  • Brian Huft & Kandra Huft

  • Kaye Corley

    Customer Care Representative
  • Lacey Rawson

    Accounting / Bookkeeper
  • Ryan Rawson

    Comfort Advisor
  • Matt Bridges

    Service Tech
  • Christopher Van Dyke

    Service Tech
  • Bryar Huft

    Service Tech
  • Dave Stark

    Installation Tech
  • Oscar Truong

    Installation Tech
  • Rick Perez

    Installation Tech
  • Chris Lane

    Lead Installation Tech
  • Matthew Sapigau

    Customer Service Rep
  • Vince

  • Michael Parker

  • Patric Peace